Protect yourself from any changes

in electricity upward prices

Having a solar array to generate the

majority of your energy means you pay

less for electricity from the utility grid.

The new affordable generation of solar

will also further hedge against price

hikes on electricity prices that may be

on the way in 2021, or post covid

The best solar panels are currently

cheap to install

Solar panel costs has dropped

dramatically over the past few years

thanks to an increase in demand and the

development of new technology. In 2010

a 4kw system would have cost over

£11,500, now 10 years later the cost is

almost half of that, or less, as is the case

through Solar Harvester`s Winter Sale

System stability and Independency from the grid Reduces your carbon footprint Protects against energy price volatility allowing you to fix tomorrow’s energy costs today Low visual impact and zero noise pollution

Just a few reasons why it is a good idea to install Solar Panels in 2020

If you have been debating whether you should have a solar array installed ?

2020 really is the best time to do it, Solar Panels are still a fantastic and affordable

investment thanks to the current low cost of having them installed, we took a look

at a few of the reasons why you should consider going solar

Reducing your energy bills by up to 70% per annum Promotes Environmental responsibility Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels Contributes to a sustainable future System stability and independency from the grid
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3 - Recent Solar installations Tried and Tested Solar Systems

Panasonic ideal for restricted space roofs Slim Panasonic HIT® N250

features a high module efficiency of 19.8%, an industry leading temperature

coefficient of -0.258% /°C and a sleek design. Powerful and efficient,

designed to get the most out of your roof!

25 Year Product and Performance Guarantee is backed by a century old

company - Panasonic. Power output is guaranteed to 86.2% after 25 years.

Canadian Solar 310W KuBlack Half-Cell Mono PERC All Black This module has increased power thanks to its better shading tolerances. Not only does it have more power it is also very reliable due to:- Design minimizes micro-cracks - Lower hot spot temperature Design minimizes micro-cracks - Lower hot spot temperature Heavy snow load of up to 6000 Pa and wind load of up to 4000 Pa
Q Cells 315W Mono Q Peak Duo G5 All Black The new Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 is a monocrystalline solar module with power classes up to 320 Wp and an efficiency of up to 19.0 %. Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 solar modules offer higher yields over smaller surface areas. This is made possible by the new generation of Q.ANTUM's world-record- holding cell concept which has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a six-busbar design. The front surface of the Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 is completely black and enhances the visual appearance of even the most exclusive residential system. The Q CELLS Anti LID Technology eliminates light induced degradation (LID), which can greatly reduce system performance, almost completely. Other conventional monocrystalline solar cells will lose much of their initial performance, once exposed to sunlight. With Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 this is not the case, thanks to Anti LID Technology.

Q Cells 315W Mono Q Peak Duo G5 All Black

Where can solar panels be installed? Solar panels are commonly installed onto the roof of a property. However, this isn’t the only option. This is particularly good news for anyone who considers solar panels to be an ‘eyesore’. So rather than being installed on the roof of your home, solar panels could be installed on your shed or other outbuildings, such as a home office, workshop, studio or guest accommodation, where the solar panels can direct electricity from the shed to the home. It’s even possible to have solar panels installed on the ground and some models have solar tracking which means the panels follow the sun during the day. With the uptake of electric vehicles, home charging points coupled with solar panels are well worth installing, Alternatively install a car port, where surplus Solar could be directed to the home
Best solar panel manufacturers?  The price of a solar PV system will depend on its size (kWp/kilowatt peak)  and quality. The best solar panels are the ones that produce the highest  percentage of usable electricity, in other words they have the highest  conversion percentage rate. As with most things, you get what you pay for. So ideally choose a brand  which has a good reputation and is known for reliability and quality of build, this is where we  “Solar harvester” come in as we only supply high quality     systems with guarantees you can rely on from MCS Regulated leading  manufacturers. All our Solar PV Systems use Tier 1 Panels and meet strict MCS regulations                        		Being a independent Company we have access to the  whole of the renewable energy market.                       		If you are looking for a panel or battery and you                              cannot find it on our website, call us to discuss                              your requirements:     Click for   enquiry Sharp Panasonic Suntech Trina Canadian  Yingli JA Solar SunPower Viridian LG Jinko Longi Sunshine Yingli Hyundai REC Perlight Q-Cells   Save money > Future proof against energy rises  Solar energy helps you save money on electricity  bills and protects against price rises imposed by  the big utility companies.   Since the turn of the century, the average energy  bill has doubled and since Jan 1987 it has in fact  trebled.   The sources for the figures used is ‘The Office For  National Statistics.’      Click for   enquiry Click for   enquiry Click for   enquiry