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Is Solar Battery Storage Worth Investing In?

Electricity costs continue to rise, be in control of how much electricity you buy. With Solar + Battery Storage - hedge your future bills against electricity price rises, We are a world focused on saving energy. Batteries for storing excess solar power, are an easy investment, providing solid savings. Plus the power when you want it. Investment in Solar Energy Storage has improved over the last 5 years. We have better understanding of how to use stored energy. We can run a home or large ‘power hungry’ devices. This has formed the need and secured the future for the solar battery technology. Shifting from Lead Acid to Lithium Ion Phosphate was key. It gave leading battery manufacturers balanced systems. Leading the way with longer lifespans and as a result, longer warranties. Stable energy storage with longevity Can You Run A Home Off A Storage Battery? There is no easy answer to this. It depends on home size, lifestyle, usage, geographical location and weather. Also the system size and capacity. With all the factors in line, then yes. It’s feasible to run your home from solar and battery power. Yet, for many of us, solar plus storage is a fantastic add on. Providing free power that lowers your bills, and takes advantage of the excess solar that would go straight back to the grid. What Is Solar Capacity? Frequently used terms within the industry can confuse and mislead. Simply put, capacity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). It is the maximum amount of electricity that a solar storage battery can hold if your need to increases storage capacity, simply ‘plug in’ additional batteries to increase battery capacity so you can store more kWh. Powering your home or devices for longer. How Big Is Too Big? Whilst you can increase your solar plus storage capacity, bigger isn’t always better. Location, the amount of sunshine, solar system size and daylight hours factor in. All these vary and dictate your energy storage needs. Don’t be sold into investing into a huge capacity system if you don’t need it. Over-compensation will cost more and make your system less efficient over its lifetime. We know there is a `Solar plus storage` battery solution for every home, Why not start saving today?
Make a  enquiry Solar Harvester for Battery storage if you have had a quote why not see if we can save  you money on like for like, But in most cases we even could give you far better Battery  upgraded Storage System for the same price, what have you to loose to check us out  or phone 01407831377  3 - Recent Battery Storage installations                       Tried and tested battery storage Systems Add a Battery to your Solar System                 Store excess      solar power       to use at  night          Electric Car Charging Make a  enquiry The technology behind reducing your bill    Local generation using solar panels is  currently the most reliable and effective solution. However you typically only  absorb 30% of the energy you generate.  Putting all the sales hype aside, it is well worth your time to read the following  articles especially, *Variable Rate Tariffs - Export New Scheme (SEG)  These are new options which you will be hearing  a lot more about.    SOLAR & BATTERY         VARIABLE RATE              TARIFFS EXPORT  . GRID SERVICES Maximising Self Consumption of your  generated energy is achieved using battery storage. *Puredrive’s battery  is designed to maximise this.   You store excess energy normally  sent to the grid and use it later in  the evening & night, with full self  consumption reducing your bill  typically by 70%   Energy suppliers are offering lower rate  tariffs during the day and night and we  can automatically charge and discharge  the battery to take advantage of the  lower rates and avoid grid usage when  the rates are higher    The UK grid has busy and quiet times  and the network operators incentivise  usage during the quiet times, with lower off peak costs. Our automatic intelligent  gateway, avoids peak network pricing to  lower your bill Whilst our systems are designed to  maximise self consumption of all your generated energy, if you do export  energy then you can benefit financially and reduce your energy bill.  Sell your electricity    New Scheme (SEG) SOLAR