Solar Harvester for quality and excellent service and fair prices, Seasonal Sales with offers which include Free Solar Panels,  Solar Harvester established 1999 have installed 1,000`s of Solar Panels, as an independent company we can give you the latest  most advanced solar systems selected from the whole market, Solar Harvester are Premium installers of Solar Panels giving the  highest quality and efficiency selected from world leading solar cell manufacturers. Solar Harvester`s advanced electrical installer  installs Battery Storage systems, Tesla Battery Storage installers. Electric Car Charging Point installers. Save Energy save the  Environment do your bit for the future whilst saving money yourself. Solar Repairs and Service are for the life of your system  Solar Harvester`s experts are here to provide Solar Support giving advise on the best ways to maintain your solar panels, so you can  continually keep them in a good state of repair. Thank you for visiting Solar Harvester Solar for three generations
“Future proofing from energy prices for ourselves and the grandchildren”
As a independent company we have access to the  whole of the renewable  energy market.   We only supply high quality  systems with guarantees  you can rely on from  leading manufacturers.  MCS Regulated all our Solar PV Systems use Tier 1 Panels and meet strict MCS regulations
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The cost of solar panels are at their lowest point since 2010.

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Solar Repairs and Solar Service
Solar Maintenance and After Care Maybe,your original solar installation company has ceased trading, give us a call we will put it right
Find out if solar panels are the right choice for your home. The price of solar panels has dropped pretty significantly, in fact, solar panel prices are 70% cheaper than in 2010. Electricity bills set to double by 2020, take control of your electricity bills by making the switch to solar energy. What is a solar battery? A solar battery allows you to continue powering your home with renewable solar energy during the evening and at night. Solar battery storage technology allows you to use more of the free energy produced by the solar panels to save money and increase independence from the National Grid.
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Solar Panels CLICK > For Solar Panels CLICK > For Solar Panels           SOLAR PANELS      Increase your savings by reducing your annual electricity      energy bills by up to 70% All our Solar Panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee     We have got you covered ! SERVICE   REPAIRS  CLICK > For After Care     SOLAR MAINTENANCE+AFTER CARE         Whether you are a Solar Harvester      Customer or not - System / Inverter             or need to move your panels         Give us a call we will put it right Battery      Storage            Battery Storage During the evening & night time use more of your solar energy that has all ready been produced by your solar panels. Maybe charge your electric car over night as also make further saving on your electricity bills CLICK > For Battery Storage

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