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Central heating systems work on a maximum of 85% efficiency. However, when we consider that water is heated and pumped through pipes around the house and most of those pipes are located in un-insulated areas, i.e. under floor boards or in loft areas, there is a loss off heat from the pipes before the hot water even reaches the radiators.


  Clean solar panels operate,

  up to 55% more efficiently

Roofing, we know roofing and only install the very best and when it comes to customer care, we do not need to blow our own trumpet we let our customers do this for us, as we believe a happy customer is the very best recommendation a company can haveCOMMERCIAL - You have the opprtunity to generate your own electricity at no capital cost to your companyMy Solar panels can now be used to help Warm my home,with a Carport you have a car shelter and Free electricity, ideal when your house roof is unavailable - or rental property,





PV HYBRED - Cabinet Storage


We help businesses save money on ever increasing energy bills by generating their own electricity - installations options, with or:-

Without requiring them to invest any capital whatsoever.

                  Enjoy FREE lighting in your home , Day & Night,

      Why pay the electricity companies ? when you can pay yourself !

                         With lower prices and Battery Storage

   There has - Never been a better time to invest in your own system

Take the next step to complete independence from the electricity companies, it is now possible to generate all the electricity you need , as with the cabinet storage system you can use your stored solar energy even at night, as also,

When the grid goes down, you still can have electricity

If your home boasts electrical (PV) Solar Panels, you may be energy efficient, but are you making the most of   your generated solar energy?, anyone with a Solar System knows that the majority of self-generated energy is exported to the grid, but this now does not have to be the case.

                    It's time to turn off your boiler!

Now that the price is right, why put off replacing that flat roof                        We guarantee a quality price deal,

Fully Certified:- firestone registered flat roofing installers

All electrical services, from changing a light bulb,

 to a full re-wire

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Part X your inverter

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Solar Hot Water

STORAGE SYSTEMS - The cost of the  Storage System was a lot less than we thought, it was well worth exchanging our old inverter and upgrade to a Storage system, our electricity savings have doubled Best prices on Home Electrical Contracts throughout Wale,s Testing/Maintenance


Save money with our innovative testing solutions, time is running out on your Feed in Tariff payments started with 25 years 7 years have already gone, make sure you are getting full re-payment on your investment, you could be loosing as much as 30% each year.

                efficient systems maximise returns

Testing / Maintenance Affordable Solar


Solar PV panels are incredibly efficient at harnessing the suns energy by

working even when the sun is obscured by clouds. However over time natural

build-up of debris such as bird excrement, leaves, and moss can reduce the potential output of your panels by up to 30%.

In order to ensure you are getting the most out of your solar panels for the longevity of your ownership; Solar PV maintenance is a must.

For example, a standard home owner who has sixteen 250 watt panels, that equates to a 4kW system would generate £15,000 profit over 20 years. With a loss of output of 30% you could see that figure plummet to nearer £10,000.

You should also be aware of the surroundings and prevent objects such as trees from overshadowing the panels as times goes on. CDS Electrical are proficient in maintaining your solar panels and are able to set up planned servicing upon initial installation to give you that important piece of mind when investing into having solar panels installed to your premises.

Professionally clean your panels Homeowners Contact Us Only the Best Solar Panels for Quality and Efficiency