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        Solar Harvester ltd

           Registered Office: - 61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3DJ


   Looking to save up to 70%

    off your electricity bills

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“Already own a Solar System and need a competent servicing and repair company”

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Testing & Maintenance Affordable Solar Solar Panels & Battery Storage - at fair prices “Photovoltaic* Solar Systems” Solax

You know about the feed in Tariff ! Or thought you missed out,

                thinking solar is now not worth installing

      Do you know about Smart Battery Products?

Social Energy are essentially a utility company supplying gas

And electric with major differences to traditional suppliers, Social Energy run automatically through their in-house intelligent software that can forward predict the energy markets.  

This allows them to store and trade energy in household assets such as solar storage batteries and electric cars.

A percentage of the profits generated are then passed back to the customer via a credit on their bill reducing

Electricity by  approximately 70% ……..

                       …... Delivering what we believe is the  

                                     Cheapest green energy.


has taken five years of development and is the only company approved by the National Grid to do this on a residential level,

They have supplied 11.2 billion data sets to get this approval.

Social Energy have global exclusivity with a number of battery manufacturers to run their products via Social Energy inc ..Duracell

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                                    Earnings & Savings

70% of all of the earnings and savings generated by the Social Energy network’s            trading are distributed out to each customer, in a credit on your bill.

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